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Earth Day: A few ways we're helping to protect the planet

As today is #earthday, and we've had new followers join us lately (hello to you!), we wanted to share a few of the ways that we are helping to protect our beautiful planet.

Reducing & raising awareness of food waste - we give raw and dried wonky produce the life it deserves, to be a healthy, delicious snack for conscious consumers - no matter what it looks like. At Spare Snacks all Wonkies are welcome.

Few people are aware that food wastage contributes 6.7% of all greenhouse gasses emitted globally, so we're proud to do our bit.

No palm oil - unlike many snack products and nearly half of all supermarket products, we don't use any palm oil (or any oil) in the making of our apple crisps.

Recycle ready packaging - we have reduced our packaging to the minimum and only use packaging that is now recyclable in more and more places around the UK (including some supermarkets).

Waste not, want lots xx