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Great Taste, Less Waste

It’s amazing industry recognition to receive our third Great Taste Award - especially as it applies to both our adult and kids ranges. Not many kids' snacks will win a Great Taste Award, that’s for sure.

Being a foodie, I’m always keen to try anything that carries the Great Taste badge of honour, so it’s a privilege to join some of the most amazing food and drink brands in the country who have also received recognition.

But more than anything it proves the value and quality of surplus produce. OK so our apples, raw or dry, will never win a beauty contest - they have have marks, blemishes and are often oddly shaped, but we not only think this gives them character (so much so we created our own Scrapples Crew) but as our award confirms, they taste absolutely delicious regardless.

We’ve worked tirelessly with our manufacturer to continually improve the quality of our products and create a completely bespoke specification that retains the sweet zesty crunch of wonky apples and keeps waste to an absolute minimum. 2022 is an exciting time with some new products on the horizon that we hope can earn the same honours - watch this space!

Ben (Founder)