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Healthy Kids Snacks at Your Fingertips: Why Join the Scrapples Apple Crisps Subscription Service?

Picture this: a constant supply of nutritious and delicious kids snacks for school and on-the-go!

Let’s peel back the layers and explore why joining our Scrapples subscription makes the apple-solutely perfect healthy snack choice for both parents and kids alike AND saves you money!

For the Parents:

  1. Healthy Convenient Snacks for Children: As parents, we are always looking for healthy kids snack ideas they'll enjoy. With Scrapples, you can say goodbye to the guilt of reaching for sugary treats and hello to the ease of wholesome, easy kids snacks. Our apple crisps are made from 100% whole wonky apples, packed with vitamins and fibre and they’re loved by dairy free and gluten free kids.
  2. Time-Saving Snacks for Kids: Let's face it, life can get hectic! Between work, school runs, and extracurricular activities, finding time to prep healthy snacks for children can feel like an impossible task. But fear not! Our subscription service delivers delicious apple crisps straight to your doorstep on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, saving you precious time and ensuring your cupboard is always stocked with goodness.
  3. A Variety of Flavours: With Scrapples, variety is the spice of life! Our subscription service offers a range of healthy snack flavours to tickle your taste buds, from classic apple to best-selling mango. Plus, we're always cooking up new and exciting flavours to keep things fresh and exciting for you and your little ones.
  4. A Subscription Saves you Money: Switching to a monthly or bi-weekly delivery to your doorstep, gives you 15% off for the duration of the subscription! 

For the Kids:

  1. Taste Adventure: Say goodbye to boring children’s snacks and hello to a taste adventure like no other! Our apple crisps are crispy, crunchy, and bursting with flavour, making snack time a happy occasion for even picky eaters.
  2. Fun Packaging: Who said kid’s healthy snacks must be dull? Our apple crisps come in vibrant, playful packaging that's sure to put a smile on your little one's face. From cheeky apple characters to fruity puns, our packaging adds an extra dash of fun to kids snack time.

So, what are you waiting for? Click subscription when you add to basket HERE and join the Scrapples SnackSquad family today! When life gives you apples, eat apple crisps!